Fleurs J'adore
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Let's catch up


When I launched this page a year ago, my desire truly was to bring you along my journey with every event and every new flower I learn about, and any new developments. Aside from my intentions, I am guilty of letting life get in the way, but in a really good way.


Fleurs J’adore is doing exactly what I want and need it to do. It’s providing me with an artistic outlet and allowing me to learn and grow. Success never comes overnight and I’m more than okay with that. There is so much beauty in slowly mastering your art.



Life has presented me with just the right kind of opportunities. Some, I was able to handle and felt prepared for, while others were borderline challenging but taught me how to persevere at a higher level. 


Early into the summer of 2017, a beautiful soul, who also happens to be in the broadcasting world, asked me to do some simple flowers for her wedding. I was so honoured and moved by her confidence in me. She hadn’t seen anything I had ever done but just said, “I trust you”. Sonia Sidhu, you are courageous.









I strongly believe in reaping what you sow. 

Over the summer I partnered up with Little Black Dress Gala. The goal here was to incorporate their logo colours into the floral design for their VIP tables.

I think we nailed it!


And now onto the biggest project yet - Ana’s wedding. 


I strongly believe God brings people into our lives to teach us, challenge us and sometimes simply accept what we have to offer. Alex, my lovely friend, entered my life a few years ago and the girl has been my soul sister ever since. She is someone who has just believed in my art without even seeing it. I am blessed to have a few people like that but Alex is the tie to this wedding. I think it’s important to acknowledge people in your life who help you, and cheer you on. If it wasn’t for Alex, I would not have met the absolutely beautiful Ana. Ana is truly a vision but her heart is even more beautiful. She also took a chance and believed in my talent and passion.


Ana’s biggest desire was a fresh flower wall. She kept saying, “If we can make this happen, I will be happiest bride.” Well, what Ana didn’t know about me at the time was that I am an ambitious woman and if you ask me for anything (almost anything) as politely as she did, I will always deliver. 

This is Ana’s wall.



It took days of preparation, 5 set of hands, one of my closest friends who literally dropped everything, left her kids that morning last minute and showed up ready to work. Another special human also rearranged his entire weekend to help me. My poor sister who was in the middle of funeral preparations for a relative and my niece both dove in. We got the wall along with numerous arrangements done. The wedding was breathtaking and just so happened to be featured in a magazine! 

It was stressful no doubt but you know what made all that stress dissipate instantly? When I gave Ana her bouquet, she was in tears. I was in tears shortly after and I knew in that deep, tender moment that this was something I would probably be doing forever. To what capacity, only God knows because I’m always open to His plan. But, this is also a huge desire of my heart and I know my desires are His desires.


Sonia Beeksma