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Insight Into My New Journey

Obsessed. The only word I will use to describe how I feel about flowers. Some people aspire to create something new from scratch. Although I have the utmost respect for such minds, my creative side prefers to work with what’s already been sketched out by nature.

I believe that everyone is gifted with a creative side even though very few of us decide to connect to it. I feel very blessed to have the courage to dive into my new-found passion. Why do I call it courageous? Because anytime you venture out on a new journey and share your heart, you’re putting yourself out there to get critiqued, judged and/or even loved. No matter what, it’s a gamble.


So, here’s my heart and a little segment of why I decided to explore this creative side of myself.


2016 was a heartbreaking year. I don’t feel liberated to share all the details yet but take my word for it when I say, it was heartbreaking. I’ve always been so blessed with incredible people in my life but during my challenging period of time, God blessed me with a friend who understood my sadness. She happened to be getting married to the love of her life around the same time as my storm. I needed to change my state, so I decided to attend her wedding in Germany. And boy has it been a journey ever since! A decision that has been truly life transforming.

During this trip, I decided to venture off to Paris, a dream I always held dear to my heart. I wanted to experience the exquisite culture and to stand before Gustave Eiffel’s imagination, the Eiffel Tower.

And there it was! To witness someone’s design that was criticized by some of France’s leading artists, but a design that has become a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It felt beyond invigorating!

During my three-day adventure in Paris, call it serendipitous or divine, by happenstance I walked into the most beautiful floral boutique by Eric Chauvan. My broken heart instantly started to heal. In that moment, I knew deep down inside that the cracks will all be restored. My heart will mend.

And that is what brings me to my quest of designing flowers. It’s where I find peace, love, passion, creativity and most importantly--fulfillment.

I hope you will follow me on this journey I’m embarking on. I can’t promise bright and vibrant times on every step, but I hope you will find beauty in it and at times resonate with my message.

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